A-604 Deep-sea spa hair mask (A-1000x1, B-50mlx5 & C-80mlx1)

Product Description

Enriched with natural seaweed pith, it easily penetrates the hair to replenish important nutrients and moisture, and effectively improves dry and frizzy hair.

Product Usage

After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount into palm. Rub hands together and massage evenly from roots to ends. For best results, use steam or cover hair with a hot towel. Leave in for 10~15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 1:mix 100 ml of A formula with half of B formula, then dab on the hair blade thoroughly.  Use steam or hot towel to heat hair. Leave in for 10-15 mins, after hair cool down, rinse thoroughly.

Step 2: Lightly dry your hair then work in ‘C’ formula thoroughly. Once complete this will allow you to achieve any possible hold level desired.