AO-05-1 Argan Active Oxygen Instant Repair Mousse Pack 25mlx3

Product Description

RECREATES: Can effectively recreate hair scales, eliminate split and irregularity. REGENERATES: Hair cells fully absorb oxygen, promote metabolism and cell renewal. REVITALIZES: Hair will resort back to its beauty, shining with natural luster.

Product Usage

1. For deep care: After shampooing, towel the hair to 50% dry. Partition the hair into sections, take 2cm of this mousse and apply onto hair of 3-fingers width. Apply onto all the hair and rub with hands. Wrap the hair with towel, heating for 5 minutes. Rinse off with water after hair cools down. No need of shampoo.

2. For daily care: Take 5cm of this mousse and apply onto hair, comb evenly, hair will look smooth and shining instantly. Leave in.

3. For dye treatment: Take 5cm of this mousse, add into the mixture of color cream and peroxide. Mix evenly and distribute onto hair. After coloring, apply 5cm of the mousse onto hair below blowing and comb evenly, hair will be shining with long-lasting color. Leave in.

4. For ion-wave treatment: 1. after the development of A formula (softener) completes, wash the hair. Take 2cm of this mousse each time, evenly apply onto all the hair and rub with hands. Blow the hair to 80% dry and begin the straightening process. 2. Apply B formula onto hair and evenly comb, leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly. 3. Towel dried the hair and apply 5cm of the mousse onto hair. Blow dry the hair and repeat the straightening process. Hair will be silky smooth and shining like a mirror.

5. For one-time curl care : This argan instant repair mousse contains highly effective anti-heat factor (ARGANIA SPINOSA). Apply 2cm onto the hair area which is intended to be permed, and heat and style with handheld hair curler. Instantly create elastic and lustrous curls.